Radio Systems

Radio systems to your liking sold and installed, all brands. 

Hands Free Blue Tooth 

The traffic ticket is only $25-$35 bucks, but the administrative fees will drain ya!

Don’t let this happen to you, get a hands free blue tooth installed right away and you never have to remember to bring your mobile blue tooth and risk the ticket! 

You can listen to the radio until you get a call then answer the call , when you hang up the radio will come back on and away you go !! It’s called convenience and smart money!

Back Up Sensors

If you are tired of paying for ever time you or a family member hits the garbage can or the damned pole keeps jumping in your way this product is for you.  It has a beeper that harasses the bees out of you if your gonna get hit from behind or if the pole is gonna hit you.  We also offer, as an upscale model a rear view camera that displays on your rear view mirror for those tedious times you wanted to hitch up the truck but took you to many times, just look at the monitor on your rear view mirror and presto, bulls eye the first time.

  Wireless in Waiting Room.
  Clean Facilities.
  Friendly Service.


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